Saturday, August 15, 2009

Messenger Tote Bag

So my daughter has said she wants a messenger style tote bag for school this year. I Decided i would make her one. Well im not the best at sewing but im learning. I found one online went to the fabric store and pulled out my scrap material. She has a cute tote bag for her books this year at school. I love it. I can actually accomplish this. She loves it too. thats the best part.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Away to Long!!

Ok so when i started this i planned to blog often. Things at home have been very busy. I made plans for the summer to make life simple and well i forgot to add time to blog. So here I am on Sunday afternoon. This summer has been really fun actually. We have taken a trip to the Ocean as a family. That was really fun. I took the kids to a small water park. That was brave on my part. but surprisingly it all went well. We have survived the 106 degree heat. That was crazy. At least we got an AC. that was drama in itself. Now here we are only 4 weeks till school starts and I am so ready for the School year to start. Chelsea is starting 1st grade and my dustin will be in pre-kindergarten. I hope that this year is a good one. We shall see. the plan is in place. when to clean house, when to run errands, when to visit the library, and free time for mom. YEAH.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Girl Scouts here we come!!

So today we leave for the GS campout. I am so excited to see my little girl growing up. She has accomplished so much over the last year. Kindergarten has been a blast. There are only 2 days left of school and then we will begin our summer learning program. That will be so much fun. For girl scouts, she was one of the top sellers in the troop. She sold 262 boxes of cookies this year. Can she do it for round 2. Next year will be her 2nd year in Girl Scouts and chance at selling more then that. We will see what happens then. I am so proud of her.

My son has made such progress with his speech development. I cant even beleive the progress. He is smarter then he lets on. Now to make him act on it. We went to the end of the year BBQ yesterday at the park and he had so much fun. It will be sad to see him leaving the current preschool to join a new one. Who will be his teacher there. We have yet to see what will happen there. Will he make it to the blended class or will he still be in the self contained. if i have it my way he will be in the blended class next year. I beleive that will be the best place for him to grow and to make even more strides towards kindergarten the next year. HE CAN DO IT.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow I can do it.

It has now been one hole week. I have managed to keep the house clean, the laundry done and the family happy. I never thought this day would come. I actually have a clean house and a even happier husband.

A few tips that I have learned over the last week are:
  • Definately, get the kids involved. Make them clean up after them selves. Find ways they can help that are age appropriate. My 4 year old can put his own plate in the sink,(I may have food to clean up but at least its in the sink and not on the floor) and my 6 year old can clean her own room. (even though she says she can't.)
  • Play music while cleaning the house. pick a good cd or go to and make a list of your favorite songs that will get you motivated. then crank it up and clean away.
  • Schedule your time. Chaos starts when there is no plan. If you know what needs to be done and have a plan of action then life will be alot easier.
  • Plan your meals. Planning a menu also helps make things run smoothly. Between bowling night and girlscouts and anything that may be going on, knowing what is planned will help you get the family fed before or after any event happening at home.

So now that I have realized that I am able to manage this I am really looking forword to staying home with my kids alllllllll summer long. I actually cant wait till they go back to school. what will i do with my self then.????

Taco Tuesday

So I love tacos for dinner. Its quick, easy and everyone in my house loves tacos in some form or another. So if you have a picky eater but want to serve tacos one night. make them nachos. My son wont eat a taco even if i bribed him. I have found that giving him the chips (which he loves) and sprinkling a little bit of taco meat and cheese on top he will attempt to eat only the chips but still gets the meat and dairy for dinner. I normally serve some sort of fruit as well so that those who dont eat the vegetables lettece, tomato or olives will still get some sort of healthy food. well.... some what i guess. Some other things to try are taco salad, burritos, and quesidillas. Happy cooking.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Monday!!!

So this marks the last Monday I will work. This time next week I will officially be a Stay at Home Mom. Wow. The last time I left a job I did not look forward to being at home again. All I Could think about was when I would get my next job. But this time is different. I am anxious to get home and spend time with my kids. We are going to have a wonderful summer. I have lots of things planned and a schedule to keep everyone happy. And the library was very nice and deleted some of my fees so I can take the kids to the library this summer and not have to worry about the extra cost. Only 3 more days of work left. Then its happy summer.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summer!!!

While summer is upon us we are trying to find our way. I have made plans and schedules and come up with many ways to keep busy. I thank a fellow blogger for her idea to keep the kids learning while having fun during the summer months. I have a plan! that feels soo good to have a direction. a plan, a way to go to make life simple. This summer will be a great one. We will be preparing my daughter for 1st grade and my son for another year of preschool before kindergarten. The plan is to get him ready to attend regular kindergarten and not special ed. He is a smart boy, he just need a little push. I hope all the structure this summer will help him.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to Begin the Summer Planning

So I have been looking for ways to keep the kids occupied this summer. I have found a way. Thanks to another mom on CSaHM I have come up with a plan. This should not only keep the kids busy, but will also keep them busy. Wow what a way to work it out. I thank the Lord for directing me to this. I want to keep things calm. I am normally so unorganized and its always so hectic. So the plan is to choose a theme for each week. With each theme comes an activity, library learning, and a bible verse to learn. Now my 4 year old may not learn the bible verse but we will give it a try. He may surprise me. We shall see. Happy Summer!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The organization Has begun!!!!

Well I've been researching new ways to get organized, because organized is definately one thing I am not. I found a new schedule to help me plan my day better, I found a way to get things organized. And this weekend.... we cleaned, we sorted, we donated, we threw away, wow the house is clean. I am not done yet. I still have to clean the carpets and finish a few closets. but for the most part the house is clean. Now If i can stay with my new found schedule when school is out, it will stay clean.. anyone have any Ideas for me i will gladly accept them. I am not a cleaner. as a matter of fact i hate house work. who doesnt. well the problem is keeping it clean once its done.

Friday, May 22, 2009

First Time Blogger

Hi all. I am a new blogger, a new christian, and a mother of 2. I wanted to begin my blog by telling alittle about my self. I am a transistioning stay at home mom. I currently work part time at the church I attend as the secretary. When school is out so is the job. I like to earn money and feel like i am contributing to my family. But as I am seeing that paying for childcare is just not worth it. I can be full time child care and take care of my home. I am learning that it is not about the money. I am looking forward to being home with my children this summer and finding out what the future holds for me. I have been praying alot about whether it is the right thing for me. I have applied at several full time jobs and have not heard back anything. Makes me think that being at home is the thing for me to do. The question is still in my head. To work or not to work. I have read many other SAHM blogs and have, by paying attention, found ways that i feel may help me in becoming a great stay at home mom and a wonderful loving wife for my hard working husband. If anyone has any ideas for me on how to get organized, discipline, and fun activites for kids ages 4 and 6, feel free to add any comments. Happy Blogging.